Anonymous asked: What, you don't believe me?

Afraid not hahaha

Anonymous asked: Because I'm God.


Anonymous asked: Your hair was epic when you were eighteen.

Hahaha what? Who is this?

How have you seen pictures of me when I was 18?

Anonymous asked: Oh my god you're really naked? And the kangaroos, they're naked too! i have to go to australia i have to see you naked and i have to see kangaroos and caress them and caress you and then caress the kangaroos again

What. Just. Happened? hahaha

Living in Australia a lot of people always message me asking if I often see Kangaroos. Well I took this photo around 8am this morning over at some bushland just down my street.

To answer your questions… Yes, Yes I do often see Kangaroos :)

Anonymous asked: *Burns's voice* then get naked

Hahahaha just a tad creepy :’)

I basically am…

Its literally too hot for clothes right now.

Anonymous asked: My god you're so beautiful!

Hahaha aw thank you :) x

Anonymous asked: you!

Oh well then, Anon! .. Thank you :**

Anonymous asked: attractive!!

*looks around* who is?