Anonymous asked: You'd rather be a plate of spaghetti or a kitten lost in Spain?

I’m not exactly sure how to answer this question hahaha….

Anonymous asked: hello! i saw your video on how to make a gif on a mac without photoshop and it was very helpful! I couldn't help but notice that you had photoshop cs6 compatible with mac in addition to gif brewery. I was wondering if you would be willing to upload the cs6 software you have on megashare or some other medium so it can be available for download to fellow mac users? I have looked everywhere and I wasn't able to find a link to download for mac. I would appreciate this bc ps costs about $1000 ty!

I cant just upload CS6 to megashare hahaha.. It doesn’t quite work like that. You’ll have to go onto the Pirate Bay or some other torrent website and grab it yourself.


James’ new home theatre setup! #fifa14 #ps3

Anonymous asked: Jamie Jamie Jamie Jamie Jamie Jamiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie! You're the sweetest living organism in the whooooole universe.

Naw thank you lovely :) x

❝Konstantine is a name, but konstantine also refers to that special person in your life. That person that you’ll never get rid of, the person that knows how to break your heart and piece it together just as beautifully, the person who doesn’t have to say a word, yet the person go knows all the right words to say. Most importantly, it is a first true love. The person who will always be a “constant” in your life and will always hold that special place in your heart, the one you’ll never stop loving.❞
Anonymous asked: u horny?

I’m always horny.. I just don’t go around telling people hahaha